Hackathon, Hasselt Feb 2022

The European Civic Hackathon will involve a selection of students from the different participating partners, aimed to co-design and elaborate recommendations for youth engagement in the local decision-making procedures in Europe.

We will all gather in Hasselt, Belgium with the aim to:

– stress the role of education in enhancing civic engagement around the European Union,

– establish the scope of active citizenship education with a strong emphasis on its lifelonglearning character,

-support policy reform starting from local level where the upscaling can be easier and the impact much more effective.

The students will inspire each other with their work so far, take part in relevant workshops and visit Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Stay tuned because at the end, they will develop their manifest for youthparticipation!


Participatie event

Heb jij een hart voor jongeren én wil je hen graag een stem, forum of megafoon geven? Kom dan op 29 november naar ons gratis webinar en denk samen met leerkrachten (in spé), jongerenorganisaties én begeleidswerkers na over jeugdparticipatie.