ActionAid Italia International Onlus – Milan

ActionAid International Italia Onlus (AAIT) – founded in 1989 in Milan – is member of the ActionAid International federation working to eradicate poverty and inequalities in 45 countries all over the world.

In 2011, AAIT started implementing projects in Italy in close cooperation with local institutions and schools to fight and prevent different forms of poverty – including economic, educational and social – with a specific focus on youth and women.

In 2017, AAIT approved its new ten-year strategy focusing on three interconnected and mutually supportive pillars, namely Rights, Redistribution, and Social Resilience. The overall goal of the strategy is to improve the quality of democracy by enabling people and communities to become actors of change, starting from those most excluded. Improving the quality of democracy is considered essential to achieve sustainable development for present and future generations. In this regard, particular attention is given to the role youth can play in fighting poverty and injustices through initiatives aimed at strengthening their civic and social participation skills. Work with young people is always accompanied and supported by the involvement of local actors of the educating community such as teachers/professors, parents and tutors, public employees, educators.

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ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, cooperação e Desenvolvimento CRL – Faro

ECOS was established at the beginning of 2010 by a group of educators and youth workers with vast experience in the national and European education arenas.

Its mission is to promote integration and social transformation, favouring methodologies such as non-formal education, intercultural  learning  and  education,  human  rights  education,  citizenship  education  and democratic participation and education for sustainable development.

Since its foundation, ECOS has been counting on the collaboration, in specific projects or within the scope of its general management, of a multidisciplinary team, of the most diverse areas such  as  social  education,  psychology,  law,  economics,  physical  education,  sociology, communication and design.

A significant number of members of its members have been or still are actively involved in structures such as the European Youth Forum, International youth NGOs and remain active on the European youth policy making and on the Portuguese National Youth Council.Our  main  expertise  is  on  the  development  of  participatory-based  projects  in  the  field  of education and youth aiming at creating spaces of learning and development among different stakeholders and at promoting youth and civic participation.

ECOS has been working with the youth and public-schoolsectors supporting the development of new educational approaches, more inclusive and enhanced learning and working environments, where the participants take an active role as actors of theirown learning process. Moreover,  we  have  been  designing  and  facilitating  spaces  where  policy  makers,  research, youth and other relevant actors are brought together to develop policies, mainly in the fields of education and youth.

Throughout  its  9  years  of  existence,  ECOS  has  been  developing  a  set  of  ludic,  educational, social, cultural, civic and environmental projects, programs and activities, including trainings, workshops, exchanges, seminars, conferences and publications at local, regional, national and international  levels  (EU,  CPLP  countries,  Mediterranean  region,  among  others),  involving a wide range of public and private partners, mainly promoting youth and civic participation at various  levels  and  settings.

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UC Limburg vzw (UCLL) – Hasselt

Vzw UC Limburg is a HEI in Flanders. UCLL is renowned for the high quality of its teaching, research & regional development. More than 30 professional bachelor, and lifelong learning study programmes are offered in various discipline fields, with a focus on health care, social work,  business  &  commerce,  teacher  education,  science  &  technology.  UCLL’s  strong commitment to research ensures state-of-art training programmes for its 15,000 students. Priority  domains  of  the  institution  are:  regional  development,  blended  learning  (including development  of  MOOCs),  lifelong  learning  strategies,  internationalisation  & research. 

The research policy is practice-oriented and focused on market-driven applied research. Central to  the  UCLL’s  mission  in  the  field  of  research  is  to  develop innovative  technology  for companies, and to transfer new technology to the market. UCLL also provides consultancy and continuing education for local industries, organisations and governments. UCLL is a member of educational networks across the globe and strongly collaborates with local,  regional  and  national  policy-making  bodies,  resulting  ina  broad  network  of stakeholders.

UCLL is and has been involved in a variety of European projects: under FP7 (e.g. OPEN GARMENTS, PATHWAY, JamToday, TRADERS), under LLP(ELENA, SPIN-OFF, EU-Drivers,  E-Divide),  and  other  EC  programmes  (IEE,  Daphne,  Interreg,  Horizon  2020, Erasmus+).UCLL has study programs in ICT, as e.g. bachelor’s in applied informatics. UCLL also has a specific  research  unit  [ed+ict],  education  &  ict  focusing  a research  about  all  aspects  of education  &  ict,  as  e.g.  e-learning,  multimedia,  gaming,  virtual  reality,  etc. Also, several adult-courses or trainings in these domains are set up.

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A.S.T.E.R.I. – Thessaloniki

A.S.T.E.R.I.  is  a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization  committed  to  aware,  educate, research, promote, disseminate, publicize, and minimize problems regarding modern diseases young people are facing due to modern innovative techniques and the new way we live our lives.

ASTERI  was  created  from  a  group  of  scientists  as  well  as  sensitized  parents  as  an independent Organization in Greece and recently is creating ambassadors in different countries around the World. Since the main objective is to create tools and teach healthy attitudes to young children and teenagers.

Our mission is to support the European culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility. Our staff of scientists and expert parents delivers several programs that are designed to help communities address poverty, environment, education, and other unmet human needs.

Our constant  cooperation  with  the  Universities  of  Aristotle’s  Thessaloniki  and  Piraeus  University provides all the necessary support the Organization needs from Professors and high Education Teachers in order to accomplish our aim and projects.

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