In Belgium, Het Atheneum Hasselt and the city of Hasselt are teaming up!

In the School Labs, the pupils of Het Atheneum Hasselt discover how they can participate at school level. Later, in the Community Labs, they are ready for the real deal. The pupils receive support from the city of Hasselt to actively participate in their local community.


School labs Hasselt

What is going on at their school and what is important to them. What needs to change urgently or what could be improved? The pupils of Het Atheneum Hasselt conduct their own research and represent their fellow pupils in a proposal.

Community labs Hasselt

After the pupils have completed their research at school level, they will look at the bigger picture. How can they actively contribute to change in their local community, how do they make decisions in their work? They receive support from the local community. Together, they will set off in Hasselt to come up with a proposal to make the young people’s voices loud and clear.

School labs


Our school is Het Atheneum Hasselt. Opening up new horizons and participation are the key words of this Belgian school. They like to empower their pupils to take matters into their own hands. 



The pupils of the 5th year of human sciences at ‘Het Atheneum Hasselt’ accepted the EducAction challenge. This class group is committed and very creative. They recently won the award for most beautiful classroom, and they decorated it all by themselves. It is a close-knit group that values the fact that everyone is feeling comfortable at school. They believe that participation is important and that their voice counts at school.


Nele and Chloë, two experts from UCLL are visiting the ‘SchoolLabs Team’ regulary. In several sessions we are discovering what participation means and how we can put words into action. For The EducAction Project, they are working in smaller groups so that they can deal with a theme that is very important for them.

Problem Statement Report

Young Led Civic Initiatives Report

Community labs


Hasselt is the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg and has over 78,000 inhabitants. The city calls itself the capital of taste, a vibrant city with many restaurants, cosy streets and trendy museums. A pleasant city centre and many restaurants, cosy streets and trendy museums.The city likes to empower their youth. 


The youth department of the town council and the town council itself will support The EducAction Project. They will support and guide the young people to teach them how a city works. 



Chloë Mentens

UCLL – Hasselt
Project Researcher