In Portugal, Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa and the city of Faro are teaming up!

In the School Labs, the pupils of Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa discover how they can participate at school level.

Later, in the Community Labs, they are ready for the real deal. The pupils receive support from the city of Faro to actively participate in their local community.


School labs Faro

What is going on at their school and what is important to them. What needs to change urgently or what could be improved? The pupils of Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa conduct their own research and represent their fellow pupils in a proposal.

Community labs Faro

After the pupils have completed their research at school level, they will look at the bigger picture. How can they actively contribute to change in their local community, how do they make decisions in their work? They receive support from the local community. Together, they will set off in Faro to come up with a proposal to make the young people’s voices loud and clear.

School labs


In Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa active participation, development of critical and creative thinking and strengthen of personal and social skills are the top priorities. To empower the students and to contribute to the construction of a more just, socially responsible, democratic and happy society are the main goals.



The pupils of Sciences and Technology and of Socio-economic Sciences accepted the EducAction challenge. Both classes are enthusiastic, curious and creative. They like to explore and debate new ideas and are very assertive in expressing their points of view. Their greatest concerns, in relation to the school context, are the teaching and learning methodologies that they think should improve and fit better with their own interests and governance issues, because they want their decision-making capacity to be more stimulated and taken into account when it comes to common decisions.


Patrícia and Jorge, from ECOS, are facilitating the school labs’ sessions in both classes.

Problem Statement Report

Young Led Civic Initiatives Report

Community labs


To be continued …


To be continued …


To be continued… 


Dora Cristina

Ecos – Faro